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Bringing together self employed parents in Leeds to improve our mental health and wellbeing through in-person events and an online community.


Who is POSBL?

Hi, I am Joanne the founder of Parents of Small Biz Leeds (POSBL), I am a freelance illustrator, previously a scientist and an advocate for community resources. I currently volunteer my time to this endeavour on top of looking after my toddler full-time, working a part-time job and doing some occasional flexible freelance work.

I drink a lot of coffee.

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"I have found being involved in POSBL incredibly helpful! The group is full of amazing people who really get the juggle and are always around for a chat. I love the child friendly meet ups as it's so rare to find a space where you can talk about your business and bring your baby along."

Sophie - Ink & Bear

No upcoming events at the moment